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Dear Franchise Direct UK Seeker,
Do you want a free a copy of my book “Franchise Success, How To Make It Happen”. By requesting our prospectus you’ll get a free copy and you’ll demonstrate that you’re serious about setting up a successful franchise business and want to be part of a profitable operation.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today – I’d like you to consider becoming a Time For You franchise direct owner. Particularly as the area in which you live is currently available! So, if you’d like to earn money on auto-pilot, and attract an ever-ending stream of eager to pay customers to secure your future then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:
The Time For You franchise is a proven, easy to operate franchise direct business with a track record for results, growth and sales. Now, you’re probably sceptical and that’s normal and healthy. So let me give you three very good reasons that show I can back up my claims :


Here’s what some of the existing Business Owners say about their franchise direct business…

Here is a franchise direct opportunity where you get paid in advance, where you don’t have any worries about staff, no National Insurance or P.A.Y.E. to worry about, and you have clients clamouring for your service! Time for You is the UK’s Premier Domestic Cleaning Service with over 20,000 clients across the UK trusting us with their home cleaning each and every week. The business is so sound that it won an HSBC Bank Business of the Year Award and it’s been featured on BBC 2’s Working Lunch programme. There are limited places left so please read on...
I am so confident that you will be making at least £30,000 after only 18 months that I guarantee it. If you attend all the training sessions and put all the proven success strategies in to place, you will be generating at least £30,000 annually within your 1st 18 months. If you are not, then I will gladly buy back your franchise direct from you and give you your original franchise fee back. There is no risk with Time For You.

Three Reasons You’ll Want To Hear

Reason One:

With 18 years experience in the domestic cleaning industry, Time For You has
operated for You since1997 and it is now the largest domestic service franchise direct
in the UK. It’s so successful in fact, that it won an HSBC Bank ‘Business of the Year’ Award! HSBC

Reason Two :

Join a family that has more than 165
franchisees serving 20,000 clients a week across the UK and we now operate in Australia too.

Reason Three:

Some of our business owners earn annual profits in excess
of £60,000, £85,000, £100,000+ and they only run the business part-time.


Here’s what you can expect as a Time For You Business Owner.

  • You are paid in advance! Your clients pay you up front which removes the hassle of invoicing and completely removes any cash flow problems.
  • You have no National Insurance or P.A.Y.E details to concern yourself with.
  • You receive full on the job training
  • You are fully supported-You’ll have full support from the company and your fellow franchisees, who are always willing to help and support new additions to the fast growing ‘Time For You’ family.
  • Your future is secure,-Time For You is a trusted brand and is recognised as a proven business model that provides you with excellent support and superior expertise.
  • You can be based at home. Just imagine, no more commuting! You’re in complete comfort because you run your Time For You franchise business from your own home. No stock or vacuum cleaners need to be stored by you!

If you’re ready to take advantage of this opportunity, you should get your prospectus.

  • markoYou do not believe in reinventing the wheel.
  • You are computer literate and can send emails, use a database, etc.
  • You’re smart and personable
  • You don’t want to be a cleaner Ever.
  • You’re prepared to work at making your business a success
  • You won’t give in at the first hurdle.
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